Our main thrust is to ensure sustainability and self-sustenance. The Trust made a deliberate move to embark on viable income generating projects that will have socio-economic impact with meaningful return on investment. There's need to grow the seed in order to ensure it operates as a going concern into the future. What this means and calls for is community members to establish viable and income generating projects that will be funded and monitored by the Trust to ensure continuous development through employment opportunities, business opportunities and uplifting lifestyles of various communities. We have since embarked on critical skills training for community members to enhance capacity and productivity as well as stakeholder engagement.


To be the leading community share ownership Trust in sustainable development in Zimbabwe.


To build sustainable livelihoods in Zvishavane community through infrastructural and social services development,investment in promotion and capacity building with other development oriented stakeholders.

Shared Values

  • transparency
  • team work
  • accountability
  • compliance
  • effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • respect
  • professionalism
  • commitment
  • dedication

The Working Principle

Community Share Ownership Trusts are a vehicle for broad based participation in shareholding  in various businesses by our communities.The proceeds of such participation shall be used for the provision of socio-economic infrastructure in line with priorities of the communities.

Our Focus Areas

  • Food security
  • Education
  • Skills development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Health
  • Agriculture & irrigation development
  • Electrification